Thursday, February 25, 2010

Goricki on Zeigler

Dave Goricki, a good writer for The Detroit News that has covered MAC and college sports for years had an interesting thought on his blog Wednesday. You can read it here:

The part I found interesting was this:
Speaking of interesting, a blog in last month had Detroit head coach Ray McCallum as a possible candidate for the head job at DePaul which will be filled after the season.
DePaul competes in the Big East and is need of talent to play with the big boys, Syracuse, Villanova, Georgetown, West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Connecticut, not to mention Notre Dame.
Wouldn't it be interesting if DePaul goes after McCallum and McCallum looks to CMU head coach Ernie Zeigler as his associate head coach?
Sure, it's a stretch to think that could happen, but then again ... DePaul certainly would be a major player with McCallum and Zeigler bringing their sons, Ray McCallum Jr. and Trey Zeigler with them.
But, for now Zeigler has the stretch run to focus on. You can bet he will be doing everything possible to enter the MAC tournament with some momentum. The Chips haven't had a winning season since they won the MAC title in 2003 and advanced to the second-round of the NCAA tournament.

Now, I get asked a lot about Trey, but truth is, I don't have a clue where he is going. But, Goricki has an interesting take and I don't think he would throw that out there without having some reason to believe it or have some support behind it.
The big factor right now is with Ernie's contract. He has one year remaining following this season and certainly no coach wants to be a lame-duck coach without another year on their contract. It is was came down to CMU departing with Jay Smith and if Zeigler isn't extended, he can't go out and recruit players to CMU not knowing if he will even be there to coach them. CMU has to decide if they feel Zeigler is taking the program in the right direction, especially with the new Events Center opening next year. This final week of the regular season may very well determine Zeigler's future here. Certainly after the season is completed, Zeigler is going to want to know where he stands with CMU in terms of an extension.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LeFevour set for combine

Sun Sports Writer

Dan LeFevour has excelled at making the most out of every opportunity.
His improbable four-year campaign as starting quarterback of the Central Michigan football team left him as one of the all-time greats in the program’s history. All he needed was the chance.
Now, as he ventures into his NFL future, LeFevour is facing a new challenge, but again, he is doing his part to make the most of the opportunity.
With the NFL Combine beginning today and running through Mar. 2 from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind. LeFevour will take part in interviews with scouts and representatives from all 32 NFL teams while also taking part in drills and exercises.
But, what LeFevour won’t be doing is what the scouts really want to see, throwing the football.
“I will be doing everything there is to do, I just won’t be doing any throwing or passing drills,” LeFevour said. “I will be going through interviews, taking the tests, doing the 40-yard dash, the shuttle, everything they ask but throwing.”
So why is LeFevour waiting to throw until his CMU Pro Day on March 24?
“At the combine I would be asked to throw with receivers I have never thrown to or have any chemistry with,” LeFevour said. “I feel like I want to have my pro day focused on just throwing. I want to be in my familiar surroundings throwing to guys that I have always thrown to. I want to make sure that I am comfortable when I throw for the scouts and I don’t have to worry about other factors and working with receivers that I haven’t worked with before.”
Though his arm won’t be on display, his character and personality will be this weekend, which can be just as important.
“As a quarterback, you want to interview well and you need to be able to present yourself well,” LeFevour said. “Teams want to know that you are capable of being a leader and that you can command a huddle, so that will be important for me to show.”
LeFevour will also test his agility and athleticism as he takes part in the shuttle drill, the high jump, and the always popular 40-yard dash.
“I think doing well in the 40 would help,” LeFevour said. “I don’t want to set myself up for failure and expect to run something like a 4.5 or 4.6, but I have been improving on that in training and I think posting a 4.7 is reasonable for me.”
Getting a chance to go through practices at the Senior Bowl has also helped LeFevour prepare for the combine, as he has already been through some of the rigors that come with this weekend.
“The Senior Bowl was a great opportunity and it helped quite a bit in my training and preparation,” LeFevour said. “I feel very thankful to have been able to play in that and go through the whole week. I feel more prepared for the combine because I went through that experience.”
While LeFevour hasn’t been told by teams where they see him fitting in this year’s draft, he is optimistic about increasing his value this weekend.
“I think every team has a different opinion, but nobody wants to show their cards and give away their strategies,” LeFevour said. “Nobody has really told me where they think I will be drafted, so I am just going in hoping that I can make a good impression and perform well.”
LeFevour will join fellow teammate, Antonio Brown, as the lone Chippewas at the combine. LeFevour is hoping Brown can also leave a good impression in Indianapolis.
“I hope he does his best because I know his best is better than a lot of guys,” LeFevour said of Brown. “Antonio is an incredible player with a lot of talent and I just hope he can display that and set himself up for a promising future.”

*On a side note, I got a chance to do some work with The Scores Report, an online blog spot, on LeFevour. Check out the article here.

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CMU's 2010 Football Schedule

The 2010 Central Michigan football schedule will not be made official for some time yet, but I was able to gain access to the tentative schedule from my sources close to the program. While the dates have not been made official, the order of the games is pretty much locked in. Here is a look at the schedule in game order:

1.vs. Hampton (CMU’s home & season opener – on the Thursday night before Labor Day) Temple* (MAC Opener) Eastern Michigan* Northwestern
5.vs. Ball State* Virginia Tech
7.vs. Miami (Ohio)* Northern Illinois*
9.vs. Bowling Green*
10.vs. Western Michigan* (Set to be a Friday night on ESPN) Navy Toledo* (Either Tuesday before or Friday after Thanksgiving)

*MAC Games

All games unless otherwise noted will be on a Saturday. The Friday date with Western will be in November when the high school season is past the regular season and most playoff games will be taking place on Saturdays, making this game accessible to most people. Also, a Friday night is much more manageable than a Wednesday night for this game.

The schedule is tough. Opening MAC play at Temple at week two will be no easy task and ending the year at Toledo could be a huge game to play on the road, but otherwise, most games are balanced out. Just one 3-game road trip this season is a nice break. There won’t really be a bye week in the schedule, but their should be an extended break between games late in the season, revolving around that Western Michigan game, which will be viewed as a mid-week game instead of a Saturday game.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Schroeder done with CMU football

Bryan Schroeder officially let Dan Enos and CMU football coaching staff know that he is no longer going to play football for the Chippewas. The decision to leave the program was for personal reasons as Schroeder is believed to be burnt out with the game and the injuries that he has suffered the past few years.

Schroeder will remain enrolled at CMU to finish his academic pursuits and Enos has left the door open for him to return if he so chooses.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bryan Schroeder

I have heard many of the rumors saying that Bryan Schroeder has left the CMU football program. I am trying to confirm something solid, but nobody is certain he has left. He has missed some recent workouts and some of the players "think" he isn't going to be part of the team next year. Apparently, it wouldn't be about transferring to another program, many believe he is simply burnt out from injuries and football.

Should Schroeder leave, it would certainly be a tough loss. I thought he was one of CMU's best players in the final five games of the season. He ran with a lot of power and burst, but that style leads to a lot of injuries. CMU has depth at back with Tim Phillips, Paris Cotton, Carl Volny and the young freshmen that were red-shirted including Zurlon Tipton and Malek Redd.

Also on a side note, I have seen Taylor Bradley around the offices a lot and it looks like he will be eligible to play next season, which can help make up for a loss of Josh Gordy and Kirkston Edwards in the secondary. I for one thought Bradley would start in 2009 at cornerback, so if the year off hasn't hurt his skills too much, he could be a big asset to the defense next season.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Glowacki leaves CMU

Max Glowacki will not be with the new coaching staff I discovered today. He had the birth of his third child on Monday and the time constraints of being a college football coach were getting to be an issue for him. He is opting for another direction where he will have more time to spend with his family.

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Signing Day List

Here is the completed 2010 Central Michigan football signing class. The last to send in his LOI is Caleb Southworth, which is expected to arrive shortly, and he will complete the class.

Ben Brown RB, 6-0, 230lbs. out of Romeo, MI
Avery Cunningham, DB, 6-0, 195lbs. out of Cincinnati, OH
Nores Fradi, LB, 6-0, 210lbs. out of Dearborn Heights, MI
Kent King, OL, 6-5, 260lbs. out of Gladstone, MI
Kevin King, RB, 5-11, 205lbs. out of Dearborn, MI
Mike Kinville, LB, 6-3, 215lbs. out of Northville, MI
Tyler Lombardo, FB, 6-1, 230lbs. out of Harrison Township, MI
Paul Mudgett, K, 5-10, 165lbs. out of Belmont, MI
Andy Phillips, DL, 6-3, 270lbs. out of Lansing, MI
Leterrius Walton, OL/DL, 6-6, 285lbs. out of Clinton Township, MI
Joe Wirth, 6-4, 227lbs. out of Shelby Township, MI
Kevin Henry, DL, 6-5, 265lbs out of Morris, IL
Anthony Hollis, DB, 5-10, 185lbs. out of Grand Rapids, MI
Kyle Smith, QB, 6-3, 210lbs. out of Leola, PA
Kenny McClendon, DE, 6-2, 235lbs. out of St. Louis, MO
Deon Butler, WR, 6-3, 210lbs. out of Inkster, MI
Joe Sawicki, TE, 6-5, 230lbs. out of Mokena, IL
Jonathon Taylor, WR, 6-2, 200lbs. out of Inkster, MI
Caleb Southworth, TE, 6-5, 220lbs. out of Piketon, OH
*Billy Myler, WR, 5-11, 180lbs. out of Mt. Pleasant, MI* Preferred Walk-On

I will have plenty of information on the new staff and their transition from hiring to getting the class together as well as a look at how Enos is handling the new job in tomorrow's Morning Sun.

Enos will be speaking with the media at 3 p.m. today to go over the class and is holding an event at O'Kelly's from 6-9 p.m. with alumni and and boosters.

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