MOUNT PLEASANT - Central Michigan University Director of Athletics Dave Heeke has been appointed to his second term on the NCAA Division I Baseball Committee.

Heeke began his second earlier in the academic year and will hold the position until Sept. 1, 2015. He also was a part of the committee from 2006-08.

"I'm very proud to be back on the baseball committee, representing college baseball and its best interests moving forward," Heeke said. "We will continue to look for ways to expand the reach of college baseball and the College World Series, one of the greatest sporting events there is. It is a honor and privilege to serve in this position and I look forward to helping the game continue to grow."

Baseball committee members are selected by geographical location to assure representation of across the entire country. Among their responsibilities are oversight of the College World Series in Omaha, Neb., and the continual exposure of the sport nationally.

Heeke is also a contributing member to the Division I Football Issues Committee, a role he will also serve in until 2015.