Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CMU's 2010 Football Schedule

The 2010 Central Michigan football schedule will not be made official for some time yet, but I was able to gain access to the tentative schedule from my sources close to the program. While the dates have not been made official, the order of the games is pretty much locked in. Here is a look at the schedule in game order:

1.vs. Hampton (CMU’s home & season opener – on the Thursday night before Labor Day)
2.at Temple* (MAC Opener)
3.at Eastern Michigan*
4.at Northwestern
5.vs. Ball State*
6.at Virginia Tech
7.vs. Miami (Ohio)*
8.at Northern Illinois*
9.vs. Bowling Green*
10.vs. Western Michigan* (Set to be a Friday night on ESPN)
11.at Navy
12.at Toledo* (Either Tuesday before or Friday after Thanksgiving)

*MAC Games

All games unless otherwise noted will be on a Saturday. The Friday date with Western will be in November when the high school season is past the regular season and most playoff games will be taking place on Saturdays, making this game accessible to most people. Also, a Friday night is much more manageable than a Wednesday night for this game.

The schedule is tough. Opening MAC play at Temple at week two will be no easy task and ending the year at Toledo could be a huge game to play on the road, but otherwise, most games are balanced out. Just one 3-game road trip this season is a nice break. There won’t really be a bye week in the schedule, but their should be an extended break between games late in the season, revolving around that Western Michigan game, which will be viewed as a mid-week game instead of a Saturday game.

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Blogger Bob said...

Drew, I can't seem to get the calendar to work as you mention. I know you specifically say that this isn't official, but here's what I have:

9/2 Hampton
9/11 Temple
9/18 EMU
9/25 N'western
10/2 BSU
10/9 Vtech
10/16 Miami
10/23 NIU
10/30 BG
11/12 WMU
11/13 Navy (per Navy's site)
11/23 or 11/26 Toledo
I wonder if the WMU game might be a week earlier (11/5), or maybe a week later if we are playing Toledo on 11/26 (WMU on 11/19, might make more sense given that all hs games are on Saturday's at that point).

February 23, 2010 at 4:11 PM 
Blogger Drew Ellis said...

Bob, I know the dates themselves are not set, but the order is. Without the bye, there is some overlap late in the season. My source didn't have a calender with them but the bye week may come after the Western game with an extended break before Navy.

February 23, 2010 at 4:31 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In looking at the schedule and comparing it to the calendar, I think the WMU game will be Friday, November 5th if Navy is on Nov 13th and the Bowling Green game is on Oct 30th.
It looks to me like the bye week break will be between Navy and the Toledo game.

February 24, 2010 at 7:42 AM 
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