Thursday, February 25, 2010

Goricki on Zeigler

Dave Goricki, a good writer for The Detroit News that has covered MAC and college sports for years had an interesting thought on his blog Wednesday. You can read it here:

The part I found interesting was this:
Speaking of interesting, a blog in last month had Detroit head coach Ray McCallum as a possible candidate for the head job at DePaul which will be filled after the season.
DePaul competes in the Big East and is need of talent to play with the big boys, Syracuse, Villanova, Georgetown, West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Connecticut, not to mention Notre Dame.
Wouldn't it be interesting if DePaul goes after McCallum and McCallum looks to CMU head coach Ernie Zeigler as his associate head coach?
Sure, it's a stretch to think that could happen, but then again ... DePaul certainly would be a major player with McCallum and Zeigler bringing their sons, Ray McCallum Jr. and Trey Zeigler with them.
But, for now Zeigler has the stretch run to focus on. You can bet he will be doing everything possible to enter the MAC tournament with some momentum. The Chips haven't had a winning season since they won the MAC title in 2003 and advanced to the second-round of the NCAA tournament.

Now, I get asked a lot about Trey, but truth is, I don't have a clue where he is going. But, Goricki has an interesting take and I don't think he would throw that out there without having some reason to believe it or have some support behind it.
The big factor right now is with Ernie's contract. He has one year remaining following this season and certainly no coach wants to be a lame-duck coach without another year on their contract. It is was came down to CMU departing with Jay Smith and if Zeigler isn't extended, he can't go out and recruit players to CMU not knowing if he will even be there to coach them. CMU has to decide if they feel Zeigler is taking the program in the right direction, especially with the new Events Center opening next year. This final week of the regular season may very well determine Zeigler's future here. Certainly after the season is completed, Zeigler is going to want to know where he stands with CMU in terms of an extension.

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