Monday, October 8, 2012

CMU coach Dan Enos' quotes from 10-8 MAC teleconference

Central Michigan head coach Dan Enos spent about seven minutes on Monday morning's MAC teleconference. Here is what he had to say:

His overall thoughts on the 50-35 loss at Toledo:
"We played very well at times. We led at the half and just couldn't hold on. Defensively, I thought we played very well at times. We forced three turnovers, but unfortunately threw the two interceptions in the fourth quarter that really overshadowed the defensive effort. But we played against a very good Toledo offense and got some sacks and the turnovers and it's a step in the right direction. Offensively, we scored 35 points but had a chance to score more and couldn't capitalize. You have to give Toledo credit for that."

On how CMU established the early two-possession lead:
"We played good defense. We forced some turnovers and three-and-outs that we capitalized on. One of the big things is that we had a key third down towards the end of the half and we had a dropped pass which forced us to punt. Toledo came back with a really nice drive to make it 21-17 at the half. I think if we could have kept the ball there and at least gone in to the half ahead 21-10, that's another possession we would have liked to have. When you are playing good teams and in close games, those are the kind of things as a program you need to look back at and learn from in just how important they are."

On punt team coverage the past couple of weeks:
"We had a couple this week with tackles inside the 15 or 20-yard line, but then we had two obviously not so good ones. I think the main thing is just lane integrity running down and then we had some missed tackles. The big one on the return for touchdown, we had two or three guys in position to make the play which would have made it a 10 or 12-yard return, but you have to give Toledo's returner credit for a great cutback. We had a couple guys there who weren't in proper lane coverage and we couldn't keep him on the sideline. It's an area where we have to improve. We spent time today on it in practice and we spend time every day on it."

His thoughts on the national TV game against Navy:
"It's great that it is on TV and against a program like Navy. They have a great tradition there and their coach does a great job. Their young men there work really hard and they obviously are just just working at football, but will also be serving our country. It's great to be able to play Navy again and host them here. There are some challenges with the short week against a type of team you don't see very often. They are very well-coached and we are looking forward to competing against them. It should be a great game."

On playing at home for the first time in five weeks:
"It's a big lift. When we saw the schedule, we knew it was going to be a tough stretch. We had to play Michigan State and Iowa, then two of the better teams in our league the past couple of years in Northern Illinois and Toledo. It was going to be a tough stretch on the road, but that is what tough situations do. They help build character and toughness and make you more resilient. Our guys handled it very well. We obviously came up short the last two weeks, but at times I thought we were a very good football team. We're looking at this opportunity with four in a row at home, we want to go 4-0 at home. This week we just want to get to 1-0, but we're looking forward to playing in our home environment and in front of our fan base and alumni as well."

Enos also received a question from the Des Moines Register about the similarities and differences between Michigan State running back Le'Veon Bell and Iowa running back Mark Weisman. Since this doesn't really have any relevance to anything in CMU's past week or upcoming week, I'll just say that Enos mainly just said they are more similar than different and both play the game the right way. He added he would not pick one over the other.


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