Friday, August 10, 2012

Enos' thoughts prior to tomorrow's scrimmage

Talked with Coach Enos for about 5-10 minutes after the morning practice today. Tomorrow morning is CMU's initial scrimmage, so I bended his ear a little on what to expect there. Also touched on Titus Davis/Courtney Williams and the rest of the receiver corps, plus how Radcliff and the other quarterbacks are developing chemistry with them.

"Tomorrow, we are just going to look at a lot of different situations and try to get as many of those situations covered as we can. We've done all the situations in practices, but we're going to put the players on the field and make the situations as game-like as possible. The biggest thing for scrimmages is that you get the coaches off the field and let the players show what they can do and what they know. Get them in the huddle, get them out of the huddle and used to playing with a tempo and the 40-second clock. We'll work two-minute and a lot of other scenarios."

"The other big thing is that we have a lot of young guys in the program and we want to see how they respond now to live situations. Who can break tackles, who can make tackles. At the end of the day, who can really make plays. Players like to scrimmage because it's as game-like as we can get it. We don't mess around with a lot of drill work. It's almost like a game in that we put the ball down and let the guys get after it a little bit. They accuse me of blowing the whistle too early, but we'll be very smart. We have a more veteran team than I've had in my two previous seasons here, so some of those guys won't play a lot of snaps. Maybe take them out after a series or two. Then there are other guys we want to get 40 plays or 45 plays. As a coaching staff, it is important for us to be organized so we know who we want to see and when we want to see them."

On Davis/Williams: "Courtney missed the entire spring with an injury. You have a guy there that played six games as a true freshman and then got hurt last year and missed the rest of the season. So he hasn't been coached a lot and really see him improving every single day, fundamentally and technically. Last year at this time, I'd call a route and he would have no idea what I just said. Now he knows the routes and really concentrating on how to run them better, how to put his body in the right position to make the play. With Titus, he was able to practice all spring so that was his time. Now you've seen him have a spring and a chance to elevate his game.

On the rest of the receivers: "Jerry Harris has been good so far, as has Andrew Flory. Cody Wilson we've been careful with, but he's been good when on the field. Jesse Kroll and Deon Butler as well. We're very excited about that group."

On what the quarterbacks are showing: "Radcliff has had three or four practices in a row where he has been really solid. Cody Kater as well. Kater was a guy who came here in the spring and didn't know what was going on. He struggled the entire spring because he didn't know what was going on. Now he has had the spring, summer, and now fall camp to consistently improve. You can really see his game has elevated. Him, Alex Niznak, and A.J. Westendorp are still getting a lot of reps. They've all done a good job, but Cody Kater in particular these last three days has done a really good job."


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