Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dan Enos speaks about Saturday morning's scrimmage

I talked to CMU head coach Dan Enos at the conclusion of today's scrimmage about what was the focus of the day.

"We got a lot of situations in. There were certain players we targeted to get a lot of reps and a lasting evaluation. I thought there was a lot of good give and take on both sides of the ball. In last week's scrimmage, I think the defense really dominated. Today, it was far more even which is what you look for. There were good things happening on both sides of the ball. In certain situations, the defense was ahead. In other situations, the offense was ahead."

"I saw (quarterback) Ryan Radcliff play very, very well which was good because he didn't play poorly last week but he wasn't as good as he had been. So seeing him rebound and play very well today was a positive."

"I saw some wide receivers make some plays and I saw some defensive linemen be disruptive. A lot of guys, we held out the last 40-50 plays and our young guys got a lot of reps. So I think the future is very bright."

"What we did is we tailored the first hour of the practice for the first-team guys to get a lot of reps, then after about an hour or an hour and 10 minutes we took them out and went the rest of the way with the two's and three's on the depth chart. We wanted to give our one's more work, good on good and fast on fast. I think we accomplished that."

"I think it's been a pretty consistent group that hasn't had to amp it up more from one day to the next because it's been that way throughout camp. I think one area where we've been the most fortunate is with our team health. There were only about five guys in red shirts today and a couple of those guys were out with the flu so we're going to get them back. Everybody over there I would anticipate we get them back shortly, hopefully by Tuesday. I think when you have all your guys healthy, you are able to practice longer and faster. You aren't wearing a guy or a group of guys down because you have depth at every position. That's happened to us the last couple of years. It's been a consistent 19 practices, walk-throughs have been focused, film room has been focused. I think we are right on track and on schedule."

Anthony Young was one player I asked about as far as injuries go and he did indeed participate in the scrimmage today. I'll have a story on him this upcoming week, plus look for stories on Tipton/Garland and hopefully Jason Wilson in the upcoming days among other things. And I'll also have a story sometime before the opener on all the additions to Kelly/Shorts Stadium.


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