Monday, October 1, 2012

Quotes from Monday's teleconference

Here are some quotes from CMU head coach Dan Enos following Monday morning's Mid-American Conference teleconference, plus a quote at the end from Toledo head coach Matt Campbell.

Dan Enos quotes

On Saturday's 55-24 loss at Northern Illinois:
"First off, I'd like to say what a good job Northern Illinois did. They executed very well. We had a chance in the third quarter trailing 27-21 on a third down play where we had a receiver open, but Northern Illinois got a fortunate interception on a tipped ball and did a good job in the fourth quarter (to put it away). I didn't think we tackle very well on defense and I thought we were out of position at times. We lost our focus and discipline there. On offense, I thought we played well at times but we didn't capitalize on all our opportunities." 

On how WR Cody Wilson, QB Ryan Radcliff, and the rest of the passing game performed:
"Cody is very good and has had over 100 receiving yards each of the last two weeks. I thought Ryan missed about two plays in the game, but other than that he was very good. He gave a chance. It was uncharacteristic of our team, but we had about five dropped passes. We had times where had a chance to make it a closer game or take a lead. We had a play where we had a go route and Ryan made a great play, but we cuffed it at the 3-yard line. I think Ryan did a fine job and I think Cody Wilson is an outstanding player. If we can get better play out of some of our other wide receivers and take some of the pressure off Cody, I think that will make our offense more balanced and productive. We had almost 500 yards of offense, but we still felt we left a lot of plays out there."

On another tough road test at Toledo:
"They put us on the road our first two MAC games, at Northern Illinois and at Toledo. That's how the hand worked out, so we'll move forward. This is another good football team in Toledo. They play well at home and we know that. It's going to be another tremendous challenge for our football team, but we have a hungry group of guys that want to bounce back and play better than we did last week."

On playing another potent offense:
"It makes it harder. They do a lot of different things and their quarterbacks are very good. They have good skill guys and get guys out in space doing different stuff. Northern provides different challenges than Toledo (and vice versa). Every week is like that and it's going to be a challenge every week in this league. I think there a lot of teams playing very well on the offensive side of the ball."

On the CMU rushing attack:
"I'm very pleased with what we are doing there. Our last three opponents have been Michigan State, Iowa, and Northern Illinois. All three of those teams are very good we've still managed to run for over 100 yards in two of those three games, so I like how we are running the football. The game this past weekend we were behind, so it dictated that we had to throw the ball a little bit more than we would have liked obviously. But we are continuing to try and stay patient with the running game and stay balanced. That will help everybody."

On what Enos has seen out of his team in the couple of days since Saturday's loss:
"We have a pretty level-headed group. One thing I wanted to see on film is if we made an error somewhere or didn't have the kids in the right mental frame of mind to play. I didn't see that. I think we played hard for four quarters, for 60 minutes. Like I mentioned, I don't think we tackled very well at times and got out of position on defense. I think Northern Illinois has very good skill players. I was very impressed with its quarterback, its running backs, and receivers. They converted on about four or five 3rd-and-10's. If we can get off the field on even half of those, it gives our offense more possessions and we weren't able to do that. I thought we played hard and were well-prepared. We ran into a good football team that executed a little better than us."

Toledo coach Matt Campbell quote

On what he sees out of CMU:
"First and foremost, I see an offense that is really coming into its own. Ryan Radcliff is really playing well right now at the quarterback position and has a lot of confidence. He looks like how a fifth-year senior should be playing right now. He is really the (center) of it. I really like their stable of running backs and receivers and I think they have really good talent across the board offensively. Turning it around to the defense, I see a lot of guys that have played a lot of football for them. They are playing with great speed, tackling really well, and not giving up a lot of big plays. I see a team that is playing with a lot of confidence and was really in the thick of things well into the fourth quarter at Northern Illinois. It is a team that looks very, very well-coached."


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