Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday's Observations

Well the football team held a live scrimmage Saturday for about an hour, mimicking a regular game. Coaches used headsets to communicate the football was placed at various yard lines with the offense and defense both able to score points. The final total showed the offense winning 28-23, but that was far from the reality, as the defense dominated in my opinion.

Guys like Antonio Brown, Bryan Anderson, Nick Bellore, and Dan LeFevour didn't see too much time for protection from injury, but most everyone that was healthy played. Here are some snippets of what happened:

First and 10 from the CMU 30-yard line:

-The first possession was a quick three-and-out. John Williams made a sack on third down to force the punt. On third down, Keshawn Fraser, Frank Zomb0, and Sam Williams were on the d-line, with Fraser in the middle. Maybe it is to put more speed rushers on the field.
-Second possession saw another quick three-and-out for the second team units.
-Third possession had the offense finally get a first down as Bryan Schroeder had an 11-yard run, but CMU came up short on the next three plays with Tim Phillips getting tackled short of the sticks on third down.
-Fourth possession was a three-and-out where Chris Reeves batted down a pass on second down and Cody Pettit made a sack on third down.
-The fifth possession saw the offense start to move the ball. Zurlon Tipton had a 12-yard reception and picked up an extra 15 yards on a Lorenzo White late hit penalty. Tipton also converted a fourth and two run of seven yards. Tipton then added a 13-yard run to get inside the redzone, but Ryan Radcliff threw an interception on third down in the endzone to John Carr.
1st and 10 from the visiting 49-yard line

-This was the first scoring drive. It started with a 17-yard pass play from Radcliff to Malek Redd. Later, Radcliff threw up a prayer to Jahleel Addae on a blitz by the defense that Addae caught on fourth down for 16 yards. It was first and goal from the 1-yard line that then became fourth and goal from the 2-yard line until Tyler Reed smashed in for a touchdown.
-The next possession was another stop for the defense after a first down for the offense on a Carl Volny seven yard run.

First and Goal from the 9-yard line

-Perhaps frustrated with the offense, Butch Jones placed the ball on the nine for the offense. On the first play of the next possession, John Williams tackled Paris Cotton for a five yards loss on a screen pass, but Kito Poblah made a great catch over Josh Gordy for a 14-yard touchdown from LeFevour.
-On the next possession, Volny scored on a nine-yard run where he was hit at the 5-yard line and fought his way into the end zone.
-The last possession saw four quarterback sneaks from Radcliff, including one on fourth and goal from the 1-yard line, which was stuffed by the defense.

The defense pretty much dominated in my opinion and you could see it was getting to the offense. The defense looks good, but the offense is not looking so hot. The line isn’t providing enough protection for plays to develop. Most of the passes were short routes to running backs or slot receivers. I don’t think a pass was completed that was thrown more than 10 yards aside from Poblah’s touchdown.
I would say the best players of the day have to go to John Williams on defense and Zurlon Tipton on offense, but I wouldn’t really say their was an offensive MVP.

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