Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sun Shots

Sorry I haven't blogged as of late, not too much to talk about. Here are a few bullet points of CMU news and notes:

- The CMU men's basketball team added a preferred walk-on and welcomed back Brandon Ford to the team to replace the departing Adrian Hunter and Jeremy Allen. Ford is done with school but has a year of eligibility left and will come back, which will help the depth in the post for CMU next season.

-Sue Guevara got a significant contract extension with CMU. This is a big show of support for Coach G and well deserved. The women's basketball has clearly taken a step up in her two seasons here and based on her recruiting, it is only going to get better. This extension also shows that CMU has her back in this ongoing lawsuit.

- Bloomberg released information regarding Athletic Directors, their salaries, and their budgets from around the country. According to Bloomberg, Dave Heeke is the lowest-paid AD in the MAC at just under $160,000 a year. CMU's budget is second-highest in the MAC at $19.5 million, while the MAC as a whole ranks 10th of 11 conferences in averages salary for its ADs and average athletic budget of its schools. I would think with a new president coming in, Heeke may see more pay, or he may have interest in looking elsewhere to work.
(It should be noted that more goes into an athletic budget than just what Bloomberg listed as well, and CMU may not exactly be second in the MAC. I hope to do more on this figure and find out how things break down.)

- CMU didn't fare well in the NFL Draft, but the CFL is all about the Chippewas. Eric Fraser was taken eighth overall in the 2009 CFL draft and he now has a place to go following his senior year with CMU.

- Summer workouts will take up most of the next few months in terms of football, while recruiting is also big for basketball and football in the upcoming months. Football has yet to get a verbal for the 2010 season, but has garnered a lot of interest. For more on CMU recruiting, check out chippewacountry.com.



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