Friday, August 7, 2009

CMU Practice Observations - Day 2

A few notes from the second day of practice:

- One guy I didn't mention earlier that caught my eye is Mike Repovz. That guy has put on a lot of weight since the spring.
-Just one offensive lineman was in a green jersey, and the rest were healthy, including Matt Kanitz.
-In 5-on-5 drills, Shane Torzy had a really nice interception on Ryan Radcliff. In fact, Radcliff struggled today, under-throwing a lot of his receivers. As a whole so far, the quarterbacks have not looked great.
-In 7-on-7's the offense had to settle for a lot of short throws and weren't able to complete many passes down the field.
-In 11-on-11's Kyle Zelinsky had a nice pass deflection while covering Ronnie Kennedy on a short route. Evan Ray also had a nice interception off a deflected pass intended for Connor Odykirk.
-Practice ended with the four kickers going at it. Andrew Aguila hit 3-of-5 field goal attempts, as did Richie Hogan. Harman hit two kicks and Connor Gagnon made just one.

On a side note, Ronnie Kennedy looks like a life size bobble head. His neck is very skinny. That kid is quick, but he needs to find about 25 pounds quickly.

I am off for the next two days, but will be back Monday to cover CMU's first practice in pads. See you then.

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