Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday's Practice Observaions

Tuesday marked the first two-a-day practice schedule for CMU. I attended the morning session which featured a lot of scrimmage drills. The players wore shoulder pads but just shorts on the legs, so the physicality wasn't quite the same as Monday.

-On the injury front, Jeff Maddux was still out in a red shirt to go along with others like Kyle Torzy, Darren Keyton, Shamari Benton, Bobby James, and John Williams. None are believed to be serious, and in the case of Williams, he could be back tomorrow. Kirkston Edwards was also in a red jersey, but was moving around the practice and didn't seem to be seriously injured.
-Also on the injury front, Josh Gordy, LaVarus Williams, Eric Fraser, and Cesar Rodriguez were all out of the green limited-contact jerseys and back in full practice mode. With Edwards out, LaVarus took first team snaps at cornerback.
-In passing scrimmages, the offense looked better today with guys like Cody Wilson, Jeremy Wilson, Jahleel Addae, Antonio Brown and Tyler Reed all catching touchdown passes. Most were long passes, but Brown and Reed each had short passes in a goal line situation.
-Dannie Bolden had a pair of nice pass deflections for the defense, but also missed an assignment that led to a long touchdown pass to Antonio Brown from Dan LeFevour.
-Vince Agnew had an interception on the sideline off a pass from Ryan Radcliff, who made the throw while scrambling.
-In the goal line situations, D.J. Scott and Josh Gordy each had very athletic pass deflections. Scott soared into the air vertically and almost had his hands on an interception, but couldn't quite make the catch.
-In terms of who took snaps where, Cody Pettit and Aaron McCord were taking first team defensive snaps at tackle with John Williams out. Larry Knight also cycled in some snaps at defensive tackle.
-On the second team defense, Rodriguez and Kaczmarski were playing defensive end, while Scott was at cornerback. Kyle Zelinsky and Adam Fenton also got snaps from time-to-time at linebacker with the second team.
-The second team offensive line is very young and inexperienced. Colin Miller was still at center while Mike Repovz, Matt Kanitz, Eric Fisher, Adam Schneid, and Jeff Fantuzzi each cycled in to fill in the other four spots.

-On a side note, Ronnie Kennedy looks a little bigger in pads and not so much like a bobble head anymore.

That is all for today, more notes to come tomorrow.

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