Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Breakdown of Enos Interview Part 1

Part 1 of my interview with Dan Enos came out today. This is the first in a three-part series where the coach answers questions from fans. Here is the story for your reading pleasure:


Here are some interesting notes from the first interview:

I personally think one of the X-factors this year for skill players is Taylor Bradley. He didn't play last year for academic reasons but he is a guy that has a ton of ability. When he practiced in the spring, he was a guy that had the ability to get off the line, separate, and run down field and make big plays.

That was a quote from Enos when talking about replacing skill players. I have always liked Bradley from an athletic stand point. He made some nice strides at receiver his freshman year and then came on late as a cornerback in his sophomore year. Now, after a year off, Bradley will have to step up, but he may have lost a step. After moving back to receiver, Bradley could be the big deep threat for CMU this year.

When asked about NCAA instituting a policy where all college football teams play six home and six road games each season, Enos replied:

Obviously I would love that here at CMU. I am sure each school and conference would have a different opinion on it, but I am sure the MAC would think that would be great. It would be no different than the NFL and their scheduling and it would level the playing field even more.

Why can't that happen? From a logical standpoint it makes sense, but it will never happen because the NCAA is all about money and big business.

My ultimate goal for CMU, and I have made this statement to our players and staff, CMU has proven it can be at the top of the MAC, having won 12 games last year. I think the next step is, and I told someone the other day who asked why we have the BCS logo on things around the office, if Central would have beaten Arizona and Boston College last year, people would have been talking about them playing in a BCS bowl.

This was Enos talking about his hopes for CMU. While CMU could position itself for a BCS run with another couple of ranked seasons, it would be a huge accomplishment to continue that trend this year with the loss of so many players. While Boise State, Utah, and TCU make it look easy, it is going to take a lot of stars aligning for CMU to get there in his tenure.

We are going to have the guys run out to the student section and we plan on keeping the "Walk of Champions." Anything we can do to keep the fans and students involved, we are 100 percent going to continue to do.

I think a lot of people think Enos was going to wipe away any CMU traditions and it is clear after speaking with him that this is not the case. He wants to embrace what CMU is all about and wants the players to continue the traditions they started and enjoy.

I will have some more thoughts after tomorrow's interview comes out. Let me know what you think about what Enos has had to say.

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