Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CMU was retaining Zeigler no matter what

I've had some people comment to me about the the timeliness of the Trey Zeigler announcement and the release of Ernie's new contract with Central Michigan. Just to clear things up, CMU was going to extend Zeigler's contract no matter what Trey decided.

CMU had been in negotiations with Ernie for weeks before the deal was finalized on Tuesday. There was actually a deal on the table for Ernie weeks ago, but like all negotiations, some changes were made to satisfy both parties.

If anything, Zeigler's contract extension is what made Trey coming to CMU possible. Certainly had Ernie not gotten an extension, Trey wouldn't have felt comfortable coming to CMU. Trey wanted to know that his father would be at CMU throughout his college playing days in order for him to become a Chippewa.

Dave Heeke has shown in the past that he has extended the contracts of the coaches that put together a winning formula. The two divisional titles and the continual incline of the team's season win total was enough for him to offer an extension to Zeigler and no recruit was going to change that.

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