Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ernie Zeigler's Contract Details

I was able to get a look at Ernie Zeigler’s new contract with CMU and here are some of the notables when it comes to incentives:

-For winning the MAC West Division regular season title, Zeigler will get $5,000
-If he is named MAC Coach of the Year, he gets $7,500
-If CMU win the Mid-American Conference Tournament or wins the MAC regular season title, he gets $10,000. If they win both, he gets $15,000
-For appearing in the NCAA Tournament, Zeigler gets $10,000. Other Tournament achievements include making the second round ($15,000), Sweet 16 ($20,000), Elite Eight ($25,000), Final Four ($30,000), Championship game ($40,000), National Champions ($75,000). It is my understanding that he will just get one payment for a tournament run, not each individual total added together.
-If CMU finishes with a top 100 RPI or is in the NIT Tournament, Zeigler will get $7,500. If they do both, he still gets just the $7,500. For each NIT win he gets $3,000 and winning the tournament would give Zeigler an additional $10,000.
-Zeigler will get $5,000 if the average home attendance is 2,000 or more.
-For each home game that exceeds attendance of 2,800, Zeigler will get a $1,000 payment per-game.
-If CMU has an Annual Progress Rate (APR) over 925, Zeigler will get a payment of $5,000.
-If CMU finishes in the regular season in the AP or Coaches Top 25 Poll, Zeigler will receive $7,500. If CMU is in both, he still gets just the $7,500.
-Zeigler will receiver 20 percent of net profit from the CMU summer camps each year.
-In the media and public appearances, Zeigler gets $25,000 this next year, but the amount increases in each year of the contract. In the 2011-12 season, it will be $30,264. In the 2012-13 season, it will be $35,690, and in the 2013-14 season, it will be $41,272.
-CMU currently plays two guarantee games each year. Those are games that bring in revenue of at least $60,000 from the opponents (i.e. a Purdue or Michigan State). Should Zeigler negotiate a third guarantee game, $10,000 of that will go to men’s basketball recruiting budget and the remainder will be used specifically toward men’s basketball with the spending approved by Zeigler and CMU A.D. Dave Heeke.
-Should Zeigler be terminated this year, he will be paid $525,000. That drops to just over $368,000 the following season and down to over $193,000 the season after.
-Zeigler has a buyout of $500,000 if he is to leave before the start of the 2012 season. It drops to $250,000 if he leaves during the 2012 season or before the start of the 2013 season. It would then drop to $125,000 for the third year in the contract and would be just $75,000 if he leaves in the final year of his contract.

Those are the details of the contract. Certainly Zeigler can make a lot if the Chippewas have a big season and with Trey committing to the, it opens the door for a lot of possibilities.

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