Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CMU 2010 Schedule Update

Sun Sports Writer

Central Michigan seemed to have its 2010 football schedule set in stone early in the 2009 season, but like all things, nothing is certain, as the Chippewas have had to make some big changes in recent weeks.
The most recent change comes in the scheduled season opener at Virginia Tech.
ESPN has managed to put together a meeting between Virginia Tech and Boise State for the opening weekend of the 2010 season, thus leaving the Chippewas in the dark.
Instead of losing the Hokies as an opponent, the game will now be moved to Oct. 9, and CMU will instead host a Football Championship Subdivision school yet to be named on Thursday of Labor Day weekend to kick start the Dan Enos era.
While the team hasn’t been confirmed, sources close to CMU expect the opponent to be Hampton.
Another scheduled game for 2010 was to be Indiana visiting CMU for the second game in a three-game series.
The Chippewas went to Indiana in 2008, and the Hoosiers were set to come here in 2010 and then CMU would again return to Indiana in the near future.
With the Hoosiers pulling out of this year’s game to take up another opportunity, CMU is holding strong that Indiana has broken its contract agreement.
The contract states that either team that breaks off the second game in this three-game series must pay $150,000. For the third game not being played, the responsible party would have to pay $200,000. CMU is claiming that Indiana is responsible for the loss of both games as the Chippewas are electing to not play the third game since the Hoosiers broke a promise of coming to Mt. Pleasant in 2010. Thus, Indiana would owe CMU $350,000.
Indiana is arguing that it is only responsible for the second game not happening and that the third game could still go on as scheduled, thus CMU would owe $50,000, subtracting the difference of the two games.
CMU has taken legal action on this and a decision is now in the hands of judges to determine which school will have money taken out of its pocket.
With the loss of the Indiana home game, the Chippewas will now head to Northwestern for a seventh road game, and only have five games at Kelly/Shorts Stadium in 2010.

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