Monday, August 9, 2010

CMU Fall Practice Day 4 Notes

Again, not much new to report today. The team will be in full pads on Tuesday, so I may get a better feel for who is coming along. Here are my observations:

-First, freshman tight end Joe Sawicki got rolled up on during drills and injured his left knee. I don't know the severity, but he did walk off the practice field on his own power at the end of the day.
-I tried to focus a little on special teams today, so here are some notes on that. Richie Hogan is the backup punter as of now and Brett Hartmann looks to be the primary kickoff specialist.
-In terms of return men, the following guys were working on fielding punts during practice: Taylor Bradley, Paris Cotton, Davon Muse, Lorenzo White, Valtorrey Showers, Vince Agnew, Zurlon Tipton, Cody Wilson, Billy Myler, Jahleel Addae, and Carl Volny. I would think Bradley would be an ideal return man because of his speed and quickness, but I am not sure who Enos will use to returns kicks and punts as of now.
-In terms of injuries, the following offensive linemen are still limited contact in practice: Zach Wiersma, Darren Keyton, Jake Olson, Jeff Maddux, Jon Czerwienski, and Matt Kanitz. All take part in practice, but once the offense vs. defense drills start, they sit out. None of the injuries are serious or should keep them out for the first game.
-Also on an injury note, A.J. Westendorp was out of his boot today for his ankle injury. He still has a brace on the foot, but it seems to be improving.
-Cedric Fraser sat out of practice again today as did Daniel Jackson, Leron Eaddy, and Jake Bentley, along with a pair of tight ends.
-During the actual drills and practice, Bobby Seay had a nice interception of Radcliff during the two-minute drill. Seay made a perfect safety read and got the pick.
-Today I really started to focus on Radcliff and how he progresses through his reads. It seems like, as of now, he locks on to a primary receiver and struggles with the play when that receiver isn't open. He also forces some passes to his first read but there are also times where he goes through his reads and does a nice job. I think it will just be a work in progress early on. He just needs to try and manage the offense in the first four games of the season.

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