Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Final Four Picks

With the NCAA Tournament set to go tomorrow afternoon, I figured I would share my picks for the tournament. I am going with Pitt, Memphis, Louisville, and UNC for my Final Four (no real leaps of faith, I know). I have Pitt over Memphis in the finals.

I filled out a second bracket and am calling it my "dark horse" bracket where I have picked Wake Forest, Washington, Oklahoma, and Duke. I have the Sooners over Wake in the finals. I also have Radford over North Carolina as the first 16 seed to beat a 1 just because of my hatred for the Tar Heels.

Michigan tips at 7:10 tonight and I think Clemson is a tough match up. Clemson got a higher seed that I expected. If the Wolverines don't hit the 3-ball, their return to March Madness will be short lived.

MSU is taking the late night game on Friday (why?) I see them making quick work of Robert Morris and marching to the Elite Eight where they fall to Louisville. I just think the Cardinals have more overall talent and I just don't see State in the Final Four this year.

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