Saturday, March 7, 2009

The MAC West title up for grabs once more

It would have seemed that CMU's chances to win the MAC West title in men's basketball was over once the Chippewas lost to Eastern Michigan at Rose Arena last Saturday. But, once again, neither Ball State or Western Michigan have done enough to keep CMU out of the race, with the Cardinals losing two straight and Western losing at Toledo before beating Ball State to pull even for first place.

So, as Sunday's game at Western Michigan approaches, here is the lone scenario, and rather unlikely one, for CMU to win the MAC West and get the No. 2 seed heading into the MAC Tournament next week.

-First, CMU has to beat Western in Kalamazoo.
-Second, CMU needs Eastern Michigan to win at Ball State
-Third, CMU needs Miami to beat Buffalo at Buffalo

If all three of these things happen, the Chippewas, at 7-9, will win the MAC West. It is hard to believe, but it is still possible. Now granted, all of these things happening in the same day are unlikely, but Miami and Buffalo is a toss up and Eastern has won three straight and playing as well as anyone in the West right now while Ball State has lost two straight.

The big key in all of this is for CMU to win at Western. It could shake out that CMU and WMU will meet in the opening round of the MAC Tournament on Tuesday, so it would be nice to have some momentum going into that contest. Ernie Zeigler has yet to win in Kalamazoo and this would be a nice monkey off of his back.


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