Sunday, March 8, 2009

CMU-WMU Gameday

-CMU wins 71-68. This one was a classic. Miami is down two in OT, but if the RedHawks can pull out a miracle, due to EMU beating Ball State in OT, then CMU would win the West and the No. 2 seed.

-This one is all about free throws. Allen hits two with 17 seconds to play to put CMU up 69-65. There was an interesting missed 10 second violation called earlier as CMU was flagged, yet only eight seconds had went off the game clock and CMU got the ball back. WMU fans were not happy. EMU up four, Miami down one in OT.

-Harman hits a stone cold 3 to put CMU up 63-60 with 1:49 to go. The Chips were down 14 points with 12:14 to go. Hell of an effort. Ball State and EMU going to OT!!!

-3:57 to go. Bitzer just hit a jumper and drew a fould to make it 57-54 in favor of WMU. The Chips have surprisingly rallied to this point without Harman on the floor. Hardiman missed the front end of a 1&1 earlier, but Michael Redell missed two free throws for the Broncos. CMU has a shot, but there is still a long climb ahead and the Chips will have to play flawless. Bitzer has 15 in the second half to lead the comeback.

-7:57 to go, WMU is up 53-43. Bitzer has scored eight points in the last few minutes and started to find his shot and Weary added a 3-pointer, but WMU is in the double bonus and hitting their free throws. Harman also has four fouls which has left William Eddie III to handle point guard duties and he isn't able to keep up on defense with David Kool.

-12:07 to go and Western is up 46-32. The fouls in the second half are 9-1 on CMU and the Chippewas are making carless mistakes. It would take quite an effort for the Chips to get back in this game.

-15:57 to play and Western is up 36-27. Ricks hit his fourth 3-pointer to open the half. CMU is struggling right now and the Broncos have a chance to blow this game wide open.

-Halftime and the score remains 29-23. Kool is scoreless with two fouls, but again, Ricks is killing CMU with 11 points on 4-for-4 shooting. CMU is just 9-for-26 shooting in the game but has a 21-8 rebound advantage. The Chippewas have played solid defense but WMU's role players have really shot well. It will be interesting to see what Kool does in the second half and if anyone cools off for the Bronco bench. EMU is only down four at half and Miami is up 13 on Buffalo at half, so a No. 2 seed and MAC West title is still very much up for grabs for both teams today.

-1:01 to go, WMU up 29-23 after Ricks hit his third 3-pointer. Ricks came into the game hitting just one of his last 14 3-pointers, but is 3-for-3 today. He has 28 points against CMU this season thus far and averages just 3.7 ppg.

-3:58 to play and Western leads 23-21. Martelle McLemore just hit a 3-pointer to give he Broncos the lead. Kool is still scoreless, but the rest of the Broncos are stepping up. I am not sure you can expect WMU to kept shooting this well, but Kool should heat up. CMU is dominating the glass with a 15-7 rebound advantage.

-7:11 left in the half. CMU ahead 19-18. The Chippewas completed a 9-0 to take their first lead and be up by as much as four at 16-12, but the Broncos scored six straight to take an 18-16 lead. Harman answered with a 3-pointer to give CMU a one-point edge. David Kool is struggling from the floor early on as he is 0-for-4 from the field and 0-for-3 from beyond the arc, however, Andre Ricks is 3-for-3 shooting with eight points.

-10:59 to go, game tied 12-12. Western took a 12-7 lead after Lawrence Bridges was called for an intentional foul on Gary. Gary injured his ankle on the play but managed to hit two free throws. He has since left the game and CMU went on a 5-0 run with Harman hitting a 3-pointer as the shot clock expired and Hardiman scoring on a nice drive to the basket. It looks like CMU has come to play today.

-15:18 to go in the first and WMU is up 8-7. The Broncos started their seniors and Michael Redell and Andre Ricks each have a 3-pointer early. Van has a pair of nice buckets to keep CMU in the game early. Donald Lawson has a pair of blocks on Jacolby Hardiman for WMU.

I am here in Kalamazoo for CMU's game with Western Michigan. Jacolby Hardiman is in the starting lineup after not playing against Toledo because of Coach Ernie Zeigler's decision. It is senior day at WMU and the Broncos presented senior Shawntes Gary with a framed picture of his facial dunk over Marcus Van from last year's game here in Kalamazoo. Hopefully someone tells that to Marcus.



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