Monday, February 16, 2009

Trey Zeigler article

Today I released a lengthy article on Trey and Ernie Zeigler:

The article talks a lot about Trey growing up and living in a basketball world. Certainly Trey is a very talented kid and in the few conversations I have had with him, he does indeed have a good head on his shoulders and is very down to earth. He hasn't gone big-time yet when it comes to his people skills, which is good to see.

A lot of people have asked me about Trey coming to CMU and I have heard some say "it's a done deal" while others say "there is not chance at all." My gut tells me he won't, just because his talent level warrants a greater program, no disrespect to CMU or Ernie.

As a father, I would certainly love to coach my son at the college level, but I would also want him to be in the best situation possible for his future and Trey has the potential to play in the NBA. While CMU has landed NBA stars before and the MAC has its fair share, I would certainly feel better about Trey's chances at a UCLA or Michigan State, where he would play against the best in the country on a frequent basis, and have the chance to be seen on national television with almost every game.

Ernie also has to consider his situation. He is only locked in for a few years and he wouldn't want his son to come to a school that he can't be certain he will be at. I think CMU would have no problem keeping Ernie around as we have seen good things from the program even though the records have not been on the winning side. But, Ernie also has to think about his future. If Trey were to come to CMU and the Chippewas win a championship and make the NCAA Tournament, Ernie would certainly have better coaching offers come his way. Could he really leave CMU if Trey still had eligibility left here? Could he ask his son to transfer and miss out on a season in the middle of his prime? In the MAC, a coach has to strike while the iron is hot because one year you look like a genius, and the next year you look like a fool.

I am not sure how the Trey recruiting process will shake out, but it would be interesting to see him in the maroon and gold.
(Thanks to Lisa Yanick-Jonaitis for her picture of Trey from last Friday's game.)

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