Monday, October 17, 2011

CMU Men's Basketball Practice Notes

I got a chance to watch about 90 minutes of CMU men's basketball practice today and wanted to share a few notes on the team.

- The freshmen guards looked to be fitting right in. Austin McBroom and Jordan Myrick both look comfortable at the point and I suspect each will get their chance to earn the starting spot. Both seem to be about passing the ball and running the offense, which should allow Trey Zeigler to be more of a scorer away from the ball. Austin Keel hit some nice outside shots and will be CMU's threat on the 3-point line. I don't know that he will be able to create a lot of shots on his own, but he probably won't get a lot of defensive attention early on either.

- CMU will really be tested in the post. Andre Coimbra will likely have to play the 5 in most situations, but he had a real history of foul trouble last year. If he gets into foul trouble, I am not sure who fills in at center. Zach Saylor might be the answer there, but he has missed the last two seasons with injury issues and is still pretty raw.

- At the 4, I think Colin Voss will be given the chance to start, but juco forward Olivier Mbaigoto looks to be a good option too. Mbaigoto has a really nice wingspan and will be a shot blocker for the team. Neither player really has the bulk to play the 5, but they will need to be rebounders for this team. Sophomore Jevon Harden and redshirt freshmen Auston Barnes are there too, but Harden has some knee issues that have plagued him and Barnes still seems small in height and weight at 6-6, 196 pounds.

- Trey looks to have filled out a little more and I think he will be the leader of this team, both in scoring, and in leadership. I think he knows that pressure that is on this team to win this year.

Media Day is Tuesday and I hope to get to another practice this week to get a better feel for the squad as they prepare for their exhibition opener on Nov. 2.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drew, Has EZ approached DE about using one of his offensive lineman for the 5 position? Fischer is the perfect size even if he does nothing offensive he should be able defend. I've seen this at other colleges and it has been successful. SC.

October 17, 2011 at 6:15 PM 
Blogger Drew Ellis said...

No, I don't think that has happened or will happen. Coaches are very territorial of their players and I think Ernie anticipated having Nate VanArendonk this season but he left the team prior to the start of workouts.

October 17, 2011 at 6:26 PM 

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